What we offer

If you’re anything like us, you won’t have much time for the way things are right now. Never settling for the status quo, working for Ausenco means you have the license to challenge what’s possible.

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A career path to be proud of.

The wide scope of projects and opportunities at Ausenco allows you to direct your professional development and strengthen skills to meet your career goals. Our supportive global network of talented leaders are eager to share new learning experiences and grow together.

Our hands-on solutions are redefining what’s possible and setting new standards in sustainability. We operate in some of the most interesting and remote places on the planet. Our goal is a long-term and sustainable vision that honors the communities we work with and the environments we work in.

Growth and development

We encourage employee development through formal programs, on the job experiences and developmental relationships. We want people to feel that their voices are heard and their career goals are being met. We seek to ‘grow our own’ leaders through leadership development and coaching. Our performance planning and development framework is designed to ensure every employee has what they need to challenge their own boundaries and help achieve our company goals. We empower through a strategy based on leadership, engagement, and performance. Providing opportunities to lead and grow, as we encourage, recognize and reward outstanding performances, keeps everyone engaged and excited to bring their best to each project. Our commercial and technical success, as well as our reputation for ingenuity, are the direct results of the diversity, creativity and expertise of our people.

Rewards and recognition

Depending on where in the world they work, our people have access to a range of non-monetary rewards and recognition programs. Our managers are encouraged to make recommendations to senior management when outstanding employee contributions are identified.

Each year we recognise those people who go above and beyond their duties to embody our values through our global and regionally-based recognition programs. Our programs recognise the outstanding contributions of our people in areas such as safety, client focus, ingenious solutions, collaboration, respect for the community and environment.

Work-life balance

We are a diverse organization, operating in different countries and cultures. We understand that our global teams are all different, which is why we listen to our people and aim to offer them a safe, happy and productive work-life balance.

In many of our locations, employees have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), offering free and confidential counselling services for work or personal concerns.

Flexible working

Wherever possible, we try to offer our people a working schedule that suits them. Whether it is through flexible hours, part-time and job-share working arrangements or the opportunity to work remotely.

Giving back

Our employees are encouraged to give back to the communities in which they live and work through the Ausenco Foundation and local programs. Options include volunteering, raising money for disaster relief, food drives, and supporting initiatives funded by the Ausenco Foundation. We look out for the places we call home and work to be a collective force for good.

Social time

From team and office drinks, coffee mornings, donut sessions and festive occasions, to sporting events and charitable activities, we encourage our people and their families to get involved with the Ausenco community.

Health and wellness

We know that healthy people make a healthy workforce. Depending on where you are located, you may have access to on-site gyms or fitness facilities and fitness professionals. Many of our offices participate in sporting events and challenges allowing our people to showcase their many talents.

Healthy eating options and information on leading a healthy lifestyle are also readily available at Ausenco through our Lunch and Learn programs.

Our annual global initiatives around safety and mental health shed light on these topics to bring awareness and offer support.