Find a better future.

If you’re anything like us, you won’t have much time for the way things are right now. Never settling for the status quo, working for Ausenco means you have the licence to challenge what’s possible.

Our values

Our values are the cornerstone of everything we do. They enable us to discover through ingenuity and lead by example.

  • Safety in all we do
  • The client is our focus
  • Our people are our strength
  • Respect the community, the environment
  • We seek ingenious solutions
  • We are open, honest and collaborative

People practices

Our people are our strength and we aim to provide all employees with opportunities to develop new ideas, build their skills and be recognised for their work. We also expect our people to continuously deliver outstanding results for their clients – both internally and externally.


As a service business, recruiting and retaining the best possible people is critical to our success.

The best people not only have the technical skills we need, they also have the personal qualities and motivational and cultural fit required to succeed in their role.


We want to make sure you get off to a good start. Induction is not a single, discrete activity, but a process that starts before the first day of employment and will continue for the first few months. Your induction will provide role clarity and reinforce why your job is important to the business. It should also confirm that you have made the right decision in joining our team. We hope it marks the beginning of a long and fruitful career with Ausenco.

Performance and development

We encourage employee development through formal programs and on the job experiences. Insight Development Programs provide a wide range of development initiatives including leadership development, technical skills and core systems education and external education support.

We also seek to ‘grow our own’ leaders through a formal approach to succession planning and talent management.

Our performance planning and development framework is designed to ensure every employee has what they need to challenge their own boundaries and help achieve our company goals.

Remuneration and benefits

We recognise that everyone contributes to our success. We ensure our remuneration and benefits are market competitive and attractive so we can attract the best candidates and retain our people.

Our remuneration levels are monitored through external benchmarking with internal relativities managed through reviews which take into account market relativities for the position and the individual’s performance.

As a global business, we encourage the transfer of employees between our operations, across businesses and countries. Our remuneration structures have been developed to facilitate the global mobility of our people.


We expect a lot from our leaders. We expect them to lead by example, to grow their people and their areas of the business, to develop ingenious solutions and to deliver on their commitments. And we give them the tools and guidance they need to do just that.


Positive, open communication is vital in a people business. Our communication strategies help build strong relationships with all stakeholders; build and protect our reputation and engage, inform and recognise our people.

Ethics and fairness

We are committed to operating to the highest standards of ethical behaviour in all relationships with our stakeholders. We believe that good corporate governance practices are about conducting business in a transparent and ethical manner. In performing duties for, or on Ausenco’s behalf, Ausenco people shall communicate and deal with others with honesty, integrity, and professional courtesy.

We abide by all laws applicable to the jurisdictions in which we operate, and expect anyone doing business on our behalf to do the same. Our people are expected to maintain a level of professional conduct and business ethics no less stringent than what would be acceptable in highly developed countries, even though an “understanding” of local law or custom may seem to permit business standards that are less exacting.