Aiden Dipple

Head of Development Software

Aiden is Head of Software Development, with over 30 years of experience in software development as a software architect web application developer.
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Brisbane, Australia

I am energized by disruptive technology - I advocate for emerging technology that identifies opportunities for improvements for existing processes while ensuring minimal exposure to problematic risk.

As a Head of Software Development, Aiden is responsible for leading the Asset Optimization (AO) team in developing, implementing, and ongoing commercialization of the Orien software. Based in Brisbane, Australia, he has over 30 years of experience in software development as a software architect and web application developer, providing full-stack solutions across government, industry and greenfield projects.

As a team leader, Aiden's day-to-day involves overseeing a talented and diverse team of software developers and help desk officers, ensuring each team member is given visibility and opportunities for growth. Aiden prides himself on creating a safe and creative environment where all members feel heard and contribute ideas.

As Orien's global reach expands, Aiden is instrumental in the continuous improvement of Ausenco's (AO) product portfolio and services and ensuring that we comply with appropriate legislation and standards as we expand globally with our clients' needs. He specializes in reliability-centered maintenance and mining operations, having also provided services in the government and pharmaceutical sectors. Additionally, he brings capabilities in software architecture, system Integration, Data Modelling, Information Management, Cybersecurity, Web-native apps, CI/CD DevOps, Systems and Process Analysis and Agile delivery.

Aiden's experience in designing scalable web-native solution architecture has led to significant reductions in operational server costs and DevOps costs, by introducing 'infrastructure-as-code' to enable junior support personnel to be capable of consistent and scalable complex cloud-solution rollouts to clients.