Ben Narbutas

Manager, Growth & Studies

With over 9 years of experience, Ben is a process engineer specialised in coal. Recently, Ben has joined a team focused on expanding Ausenco’s business within the minerals and metals sector in the New South Wales region of Australia.
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Mayfield West, Australia

Ben joined Ausenco QCC (previously QCC Resources) in 2011 as a process engineer. This role allowed him to extend his experience in debottlecking studies, coal quality and resource evaluations, greenfield and brownfields Coal Processing Plant (CPP) designs, analysis of new spirals technology (LC3’s), ACARP projects, CPP design due diligence. During this time, he commissioned the Ravensworth CPP Module 2 & 3 and the Maules Creek CPP.

In 2017 Ben commenced a role as a process engineer with HMA Wear Solutions. Through commissioning six new hydrocyclone clusters at Mt Thorley CPP, and a design proposal for DMC upgrades at Hail Creek CPP, he gained a detailed understanding the theory, design, analysis, fabrication, manufacture, and operation of hydrocyclones and dense medium cyclones.

Since his return to Ausenco QCC in 2019, Ben has been providing expert services to Bengalla CPP’s digital mining and CHPP debottlenecking projects as well as mentoring of their junior engineers.

Country experience:

  • Australia