Cristhian Balderrama

Project Engineering Manager

Cristhian is an Project Engineering Manager with over 20 years of experience in pipelines, process plants, procurement, construction supervising and project management of large-scale engineering projects globally.
Santiago, Chile
English and Spanish

I am always looking to incorporate safe design processes, integrated hazard identification and risk assessment into all projects, right from the design stage.

Cristhian is an Project Engineering Manager with over 20 years of experience in pipelines, process plants, construction supervising and project management of large-scale engineering projects. His experience spans many industries including oil and gas, mining, energy, and renewables, including LNG and gas maritime transport. Prior to joining Ausenco, Cristhian contributed to several oil & gas projects across South America including the construction of a gas export pipeline from Bolivia to Brazil (the country’s longest gas pipeline), as well as serving as a project engineer at gas processing plants in Bolivia and Perú. He also contributed to the design of the first of its kind LNG Cross-Docking regasification terminal, built for Petrobras in Brazil. In Spain’s energy sector, he served as engineering manager for power plant projects (combine cycles, cogenerations, solar thermal), managing the engineering and construction of the two first of its kind parabolic trough solar plants (CSP) with molten salt thermal storage.

As an Project Engineering Manager at Ausenco, Cristhian is responsible for all engineering deliverables from planning and execution to identifying potential risks, understanding project complexities, managing staffing requirements and negotiating client contracts. He reviews all documentation regarding project scope and calculations before presenting it to clients, ensuring we exceed their expectations with a safe design and operate within budget.

Since joining Ausenco in 2012, Cristhians expertise can be felt on many projects past and present including:

  • Quebrada Balance Phase 2 (QB2) – Over his 7 years working on the QB2 project, Cristhian contributed to many areas of the project from engineering conception, planning, and managing client expectations to ensuring we operate within budget and deliver on time. He worked exclusively on this project, overseeing the engineering completion of the pipeline transportation systems and their facilities, including tailings management, tailings transportation, reclaim water transportation, concentrate transportation and desalinated water and tailings from the mine to the port, port to the mine and the mine to the waste dump.
  • TSF Expansion Project at Las Bambas – For 2 years Cristhian served as a project manager for the expansion of the tailings storage facility at Las Bambas. He was responsible for the engineering of the tailings transportation system, the reclaim water transport system optimization, and seepage transport system design, working in synergy between our Chile and Peru offices.

Cristhian holds a degree in Civil Engineering from Universidad Autónoma Gabriel René Moreno and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in oil and gas processing plants operations.