Denise Mullen

Director, Strategic Projects

Denise is a Director of Strategic Projects. She has over three decades of experience in natural resources development in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Vancouver, British Columbia

She is an economist statistician and an accomplished policy analyst, researcher, regulatory advisor, and writer on a full range of topics from climate change to biodiversity. She works with all levels of government, businesses, other stakeholders, and Indigenous peoples in the development of policy, legislation, the review and permitting of major projects, and construction of information technology systems. She was one of three process-specific experts who developed BC environmental assessment legislation and continues to advise industry and governments in this space.

Denise has authored guidelines for project review, participant assistance, corporate annual and sustainability reports, conducted stakeholder surveys, and been a member of numerous multi-stakeholder working groups on various resource development issues. She has and continues to provide expert input to ever evolving environmental regulations, forest practices standards, land and resource management plans, and environmental standards for the mining and energy industry, water management plans. Denise also spends a lot of time assessing the business implications of approaches taken by governments (provincial, national, and international) on climate change issues ranging from carbon pricing to clean fuels standards.

Denise participates in the Engineering and Geoscientist of B.C. Discipline Committee and is a Board member of the Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals Society.