Harrison Rich

Pipline Engineer

Harrison is a Pipline Engineer by training, with diverse experience across multiple commodities including gold, nickel, cobalt, scandium, copper and magnetite.
Perth, Australia

Starting his career at Ausenco, Harrison has been a resourceful member our team and delivered various projects including Nullagine Expansion, Gwalia Gold Mine Hydraulic Hoisting, Winu, and Iron Bridge.

His proven experience spans from design to construction and commissioning. In 2020, Harrison took part in the Winu Project where he delivered multiple trade-off assessments of the front-end comminution designs and site services to identify the most viable option for Rio Tinto. Currently, he has been providing engineering support for the pipeline consultancy team, working on the FMG’s Iron Bridge Project. The project will improve the pipelines of concentrate, return water and raw water systems.

Throughout his career, he has fostered skills and knowledge in developing cost estimation tools which provide magnitude estimates for the mining, processing and transport of orebodies based on user inputs, and industry standard process control equipment and instrumentation.