Hevaldo Duarte

Director, Pipelines

Hevaldo is a mechanical engineer with 18 years of experience in slurry, tailings and water pipelines projects across multiple industries.
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Belo Horizonte, Brazil
English, Portuguese

As Pipeline Manager, Hevaldo Duarte oversees Pipelines Specialists based in Brazil, ensuring their skill sets align with our clients’ needs. His team of industry experts propose new technologies and solutions to support our clients’ projects. Hevaldo’s strengths lie in building and maintaining client relationships and following the accomplishments and milestones of each project to ensure expectations are met. 

Hevaldo is a mechanical engineer with 15 years of experience in slurry, tailings and water pipelines projects across multiple industries including: mining, oil and gas, environment and water, energy and infrastructure. He has extensive knowledge in developing pipelines projects across different phases (studies, trade-off´s, FEL1, 2, 3, supervision of construction and assembly, commissioning, start up, integrity services, leak detection system).

Hevaldo joined Ausenco in 2006 as a field engineer, supporting projects in diverse industries including: beneficiation plants, ports and terminals, environment and sustainability, energy and pipelines. Hevaldo’s educational background includes a degree in Engineering from Pontifícia Universidade Católica, Brazil as well as MBA in Project Management, Instituto de Educação Tecnológica, Brazil.

Hevaldo’s pipeline work includes: 

  • Vale/MBP, 2008 - implementing the largest bauxite pipeline in the world with a 250 km - Ø24” extension. Hevaldo supported field inspections during the construction and assembly phase. He also played an integral role in the commissioning and star-up system as well as the coordination of the pipeline operation agreement.
  • Vale (Pico Mine) - Conceptual, basic and detailed engineering project of the waste and water collection system at the Maravilhas dam III in Brazil. Hevaldo was the Project Manager, overseeing technical coordination with other disciplines and providing technical support to the client.