Jeff Warner

Senior Water Quality Specialist

Dr. Warner is a low temperature geochemist and water quality specialist with 15 years of experience in the characterization of environmental materials.
Calgary, Alberta

Successfully obtaining environmental approvals starts with listening carefully to our clients’ needs.

Jeff specializes in the geochemical characterization of mine waste including the development of source terms, ML/ARD testing and analysis, design of experimental programs, GoldSIM modelling, geochemical speciation modelling and NORM geochemistry. A recognized leader in his field, he has authored several industry publications on the topic of biogeochemistry and has extensive experience assisting clients in obtaining regulatory approvals for mining projects.

For many years, Jeff led the Engineered Tailings Initiative, a group consisting of uranium mining representatives, consulting companies, government organizations and academics with the goal of (geochemically) controlling tailings pore water concentrations of various constituents of concern (COCs). This group succeeded in fostering open discussion on geochemical controls in tailings environments amongst key stakeholders leading to improved approaches, best practices and procedures in the industry.

Jeff has a bachelors and masters degree in chemistry from Carleton University in Ottawa and a Ph.D. in soil science from the University of California in Davis. He was also a visiting scientist at Stanford University and the Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory on applied advanced spectroscopic techniques in mining related to metal leaching, acid rock drainage and modelling.

Country experience:

  • Australia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Canada
  • United States