Jessica Rodriguez

Manager Geotechnical & Tailings Services, Canada

Jessica brings extensive experience in tailings management and solutions with a strong focus on minimizing risk for clients.
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Lima, Peru
Spanish, English, Portuguese 

Jessica has more than 15 years of experience in the development of geotechnical projects for the mining industry. She brings extensive experience in the design of tailings dams, leach pads, dewatering tanks, ponds, (IPS, PLS, Maximum Storm), access and haul roads, as well as water management and mine closure plans. Jessica has overseen multiple projects in her career – including geotechnical investigation programs, control and quality assurance programs (CQA/CQC) and construction supervision.

In the last 5 years of her career, Jessica has focused on tailings management and the use of different technologies and designs (e.g. thickened, paste, filtered tailings, tailings co-disposal and cyclone tailings). In her current role, Jessica oversees the geotechnical engineering team in Peru and ensures projects are delivered to the highest standards.

Jessica is a civil engineer with a Master of Science with studies in Geotechnical Engineering, and degrees in Environmental Management and Mine Closure.