John Karlsson

Civil Engineer

John is a senior civil engineer with over 40 years of civil engineering and project management experience.
Vancouver, Canada

John is a civil engineer with extensive experience in designing and constructing large-diameter trunk watermains, small diameter water supply and distribution systems for potable water, process water, and firefighting systems. He has designed surface water drainage, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, forcemains and pump stations, including on-surface HDPE pipelines with unique anchoring and thrust restraints and underwater diffusers.

John has also produced the scope of work drawings and the specifications for large industrial demolition projects located in urban areas. His project experience includes roads and utility design for marine port facilities, conveyor systems, and electrical sub-stations. John has worked on several larger-volume earthmoving and rough-grading projects. Finally, John has performed many troubleshooting site visits during the construction of these works, particularly on the retrofit projects. The projects are located in both urban locations and rural, sometimes remote locations.

John is an excellent communicator and collaborator. His projects have involved working closely with a range of different professionals, including landscape architects, topographic surveyors, geotechnical and geo-environmental engineers, and environmental consultants.

At Ausenco, he was Civil Lead for significant projects in the Metro Vancouver region, including the Fleetwood Reservoir Project, Surrey, British Columbia (BC), the Jericho Reservoir in Langley, BC and the Centennial Terminals (Centerm) West Yard Upgrade, West Harbour Interceptor re-alignment, and Centerm Fleet Maintenance Building area upgrade, all in Vancouver, BC.

John has an MBA degree from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada.