Katherine Zilm

Technical Expert – Human Environment

Katherine is a Technical Expert - Human Environment with experience in environmental impact assessments through supporting application information requirements through conducting Indigenous engagement and knowledge and current use studies.
Calgary, Alberta

The protecting, promoting, and incorporating of Indigenous Knowledge into all environmental assessment applications is a great way to ensure sustainable development in all our projects.

Katherine is an experienced social scientist with over 20 years of extensive experience working with large multi-disciplinary teams in environmental impact assessments and Indigenous groups located in Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Northwest Territories, Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Leading Indigenous knowledge and current use studies, Katherine has effectively assessed the potential of projects to cause direct environmental changes, which would directly or indirectly influence changes to various aspects of Indigenous knowledge and current use.

Katherine holds a Bachelor of Arts (“with distinction”) in Archaeology and a Master of Environmental Design with both degrees completed at the University of Calgary. Throughout her career, she has been fortunate to have completed additional training including, but not limited to, Project Management, Leadership Training, and Indigenous Awareness Training.