Kirsten Norris-McCluskey

Practice Leader, Freshwater Aquatics

Kirsten has worked 15 years as a fisheries biologist, with experience in the professional consulting industry and in the regulation industry (with Fisheries and Oceans Canada).
Calgary, Alberta

Kirsten has worked in the upstream and midstream oil and gas, utility, mining, and transportation sectors in Alberta, northeast British Columbia and the Northwest Territories. She has worked closely with industrial clients, government regulators, scientists, engineers, and other professionals to conduct environmental assessments, develop mitigation strategies, and obtain regulatory permits and approvals for a number of projects.

As a fisheries biologist and discipline lead, Kirsten has led and conducted numerous fish and fish habitat assessments for many oil and gas, linear and urban development projects, and been responsible for the execution of aquatic monitoring programs and providing recommendations regarding mitigation to prevent impacts to the aquatic environment. Kirsten has successfully led construction monitoring and post-construction effectiveness monitoring programs and has experience in offsetting planning, permitting, stream diversion and isolation techniques, and bank stabilization and bioengineering techniques.

Kirsten’s project management skills and experience include overseeing delivery of workplans by technical teams, scope and budget preparation and tracking, client and regulatory liaison, planning and scheduling field programs and management of staff resources. As a technical PM, Kirsten collaborates with multi-disciplinary teams in the development of consistent and streamlined scopes, manages technical writing and completes technical senior reviews, and coordinates submission to the client. Kirsten has strong experience in technical writing and document delivery including the collaboration and presentation of multi-disciplinary results as one voice.