Logan Phillips

Process Engineer-in-Training (EIT)

Logan is a process engineer with expertise in advanced modelling, process control and machine learning to optimize comminution and hydrometallurgical circuits.
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Vancouver, Canada

I integrate metallurgy and process control to develop complete optimisation solutions for complex processing plants using advanced data analytics, process modelling and machine learning.

Logan is a Process Engineer (EIT) responsible for optimizing mineral processing plants through advanced modelling and analysis of process control architecture, comminution circuits and hydrometallurgy systems. His work includes process control diagnostics, data visualization, plant modelling, and applying machine learning for process plant diagnostics.

Logan develops tools to visualize and analyze data and creates optimisation models for his clients. He applies his process engineering skillset to diagnose constraints and bottlenecks in the system so that he can identify the path to peak plant performance

Logan has experience in metallurgical testing and developing gold leaching techniques through his work at Barrick’s technology center. Here, he worked on gold extraction systems, including conventional cyanide leaching and alternative lixiviants such as glycine and thiosulfate. He also worked on a novel oxidative pre-treatment process for refractory and double-refractory ores.

While working at the Biofoundry at the University of British Columbia, Logan developed alternative production methods for high-value biological extracts. His work included integrating chemical and bioprocess engineering anddeveloping a unique production method for tri-phase liberation and capture of volatile products. ultimately reducing cost and hazards through process design.

Logan regularly presents at industry conferences on topics related to optimisation and debottlenecking. He has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia.