Luis Paredes

Geotechnical and Tailings Specialist

Luis is a geotechnical and tailings specialist with over 40 years of experience managing large tailings dams in South America.
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Santiago, Chile
English & Spanish

The need for containment systems and proper water management is universal in order to maintain safe water sources for communities and to protect the environment.

Luis is a geotechnical and tailings expert with over 40 years of experience managing and designing large tailings dam projects in South America. He has performed numerous tailings dam safety reviews as well as tailings engineering projects where he worked conceptual design through to detailed engineering.

As a geotechnical and tailings specialist at Ausenco, Luis is responsible for providing tailings management solutions for our South American clients. He works closely with other technical groups across our company - the remote sensing and visualization team, geotechnical lab team, and seismic team - to deliver innovative tailings management solutions. Luis also supports our Environmental & Sustainability team in water resource management practices and identifies opportunities to apply the use of geosynthetics to reduce the use of natural materials and environmental impact.

Luis was a professor at the Faculty of Engineering for the University of Chile, instructing Geosynthetics, Geomechanics and Construction Materials courses for over 32 years. Hes overseen numerous research projects involving the use of concrete, asphalt, polymers, elastomers and geosynthetics for tailings and has published several theses on geotechnics, asphalts, concretes and geosynthetics at various universities.

Luis regularly presents at conferences and workshops across South America on geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, construction materials, environmental engineering, tailings and geosynthetic.