Macarena Zegpi

Project Engineer

Macarena is a civil engineer with over nine years of experience as a hydraulic discipline leader and project engineer for projects within the mining industry.
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Santiago, Chile
Spanish & English

Macarena's expertise includes the hydraulic and process design of various types of pipeline systems including;

  • long-distance slurry pipelines
  • seawater & desalinated water pipelines
  • reclaim water pipelines
  • pumping systems
  • gravitational transport systems
  • rheological analysis of slurries

Equipped with a master's degree in Engineering Sciences, Macarena has been working at Ausenco as Project Engineer for Ausenco in Chile. Her most recent projects are the Escondida Water Recovery Project and the Quebrada Blanca Project - Stage 2 that includes seawater, reclaim water, copper concentrate and tailings transportation systems. She has also worked on various water supply and concentrate transport projects, applying her hydraulic and management experience in all her roles.

Country experience:

  • Chile
  • Argentina