Matias Rojas

Data Management Engineer

Matias has a degree in Industrial Engineering, and a Masters in Engineering Data Sciences.
Santiago, Chile
English, Spanish

I believe that data is a critical asset, and the ability to create and manage databases effectively is now essential for organizations worldwide. Accurate data is needed to mitigate risks and predict the future to give organizations a competitive advantage.

Matias brings proven experience in database design, implementation and management; programming; investigation and development; and data analysis. He is proficient in many programming languages, technological tools and simulation software. Through his work, he delivers data management solutions that add value to his clients’ operations through understanding and adapting their data processes. Matias’ project experience spans multiple industry sectors (including the retail, education, healthcare and industrial sectors), where he implemented data solutions including the gathering, standardization and automation of information, use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, developing operational simulations and management of databases. Most recently, he has been utilizing his data management and engineering skills to improve projects and operations for several mid-sized mining clients.

As part of the data management team under Ausenco’s pipeline integrity group, Matias is developing solutions for displaying, analyzing and forecasting key performance indicators for his clients. In addition, he has led the implementation of the company’s proprietary Pipeline Advisor software, which helps our clients to effectively monitor pipelines in real time.

Country experience:

  • Chile
  • Peru