Mike Peckford

National Director, Power

Mike is a professional biologist and senior environmental regulatory professional with 20 years of experience specializing in bird and bat ecology, 13 years of which spent nearly exclusively in the renewable energy sector.
Halifax, Canada

Mike specializes in environmental assessments, permitting strategy, and application preparation with experience providing consulting services to most of Canada’s major renewable energy developers. Mike was the successful manager of the Environment, Health and Safety, and Sustainability operations of Canada’s largest renewable energy company (~1.3 GW).

Mike has displayed a proven ability to analyze, summarize, and effectively communicate complex technical information, interpret regulatory requirements, and prepare applications to meet the requirements of renewable energy regulators across Canada and the US. He is experienced in client, project, and personnel management with the ability to liaise with a wide audience, lead multi-disciplinary teams, and professionally present findings in public. Involved in more than 60 wind facility projects across North America from project assessment and permitting through to project construction, operation, and maintenance.