Nancy Chan

Atmospheric Specialist

Nancy is an Atmospheric Specialist with experience in atmospheric science, providing consulting services for industry and public sector clients.
Burnaby, British Columbia

Protecting our environment protects our society for generations to come. I am confident that our work can collectively make a positive impact on our society.

As a Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience, Nancy provides technical expertise in air quality, odour, and noise assessments. Nancy is experienced with designing monitoring programs, emission inventories, and air dispersion and noise propagation modelling for complex projects in a wide range of urban and remote settings across Canada. She has successfully completed hundreds of projects related to mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, energy, transportation, and waste management. The studies Nancy has managed have supported facility permitting, regulatory compliance, emission impact assessments, and mitigation option analyses.

Nancy attended the University of British Columbia and is a Professional Engineer with Engineering and Geoscientists BC and Professional Engineers Ontario.