Neptali Boñon

Senior Manager, E&S Chile

Neptali is a civil engineer with more than 15 years of experience in developing mining projects.
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Lima, Peru
English & Spanish

I am convinced that having a positive attitude and listening, accompanied by a desire to learn, are key factors to overcome any challenge or assigned task successfully - and these characteristics are what stand out in the Ausenco team. Attitude is a factor that multiplies knowledge.

Neptali has 10 years of experience as a field supervisor for earthworks, infrastructure, concrete and structural steel assembly and 5 years of experience in managing construction support projects such as quality assurance services and field verification engineering. Additionally, his construction supervision experience includes direct coordination with clients, allocation of resources, financial monitoring of the project and constructive problem-solving.

Neptali has acquired the knowledge and skills to coordinate and manage construction services following the established safety and quality standards. These skills enable him to provide optimal solutions to the problems and keep adequate control of the changes to ensure that the project's deliverables are fulfilled according to the safety, quality, schedule and required cost.

As a manager, Neptali takes a proactive approach, where he oriented towards the achievement of results and fulfillment of assigned tasks, working in teams and under pressure.