Nicholas Kourepinis

Geomatics and Virtualization Lead

Nicholas is an experienced GIS Professional with over 20 years of experience in advanced GIS mapping and analytics, remote sensing, data management and enterprise GIS solutions such as web portals, field programs and digital solutions.
Burnaby, British Columbia
English, Greek

Geomatics is the “Science of Where” and as a team, we hold the opportunity to explore and apply progressive solutions.

Nicholas is a GIS, Remote Sensing and Spatial Data Management Senior Specialist and Technical Advisor, a Manager and Business Leader with over 20 years of experience in mining and natural resources, government agencies, and environmental consulting. His work experience covers a variety of core sectors and provides support with a multitude of Geomatics services

Nicholas has expertise in developing, organizing, and producing analytic maps, spatial and non-spatial datasets, as well as field programs and enterprise web portals and solutions while meeting the highest technical standards within tight time frames.

As a leader in North America and South America, Nicholas is forward-thinking, and enthusiastic, with a focus on a team approach.