Nicolás Echeverria

Manager Geotechnical & Tailings Services, Argentina

Nicolás is an experienced Civil Geotechnical Engineer and Lead Specialist with experience in geotechnics applied for leaching plants, tailings deposits, infrastructure for process plants and long-range pipelines, among others, for different large-scale mining projects.
Santiago, Chile
Spanish & English

The correct development and application of studies, analyses and geotechnical designs allow the optimization of capital and operational costs in mining investments, and above all, generate sustainable and safe projects for workers and inhabitants of nearby communities.

Nicolás has 15 years of professional experience in the development of mining and civil projects, specifically in geotechnics. Since 2013, he has held the position of head of the geotechnical discipline at Ausenco and has worked on national and international large-scale projects associated with leaching plants, tailings deposits, infrastructure for process plants and long-range pipelines.

He has developed studies in conceptual engineering, pre-feasibility, feasibility, detail, and field engineering.

Nicolás’s extensive experience includes project management and administration, development of proposals, direction and participation in geotechnical field and laboratory campaigns, geotechnical characterization of tailings, ore and leached ore materials, and foundation soils; development of stability analysis and flow analysis; and geotechnical modelling.

Nicolás is a Civil Engineer in Civil Works and Construction Engineer from Universidad de Santiago in Chile and has a postgraduate master’s degree in Geological Engineering from the University of Granada in Spain.