Patricio Olivares Padilla

Biodiversity Lead

Patricio is a Biodiversity Lead based in Chile, with more than 23 years of experience in the public and private sector in matters of biodiversity conservation and compliance with global sustainability standards. He currently advises mining projects in Chile and Argentina.
Santiago, Chile
Spanish/English (medium)

The conservation of biodiversity and its ecosystem services in production processes is my main challenge. I am passionate about offering innovative solutions to our clients, to prevent, mitigate or compensate for their impacts, always integrating different visions, disciplines, and local ecological knowledge. It is the best way to ensure sustainability in these changing scenarios.

Patricio is a Forestry Engineer and Master in Rural Territorial Planning and has more than 23 years of experience both in the public and private sectors. Patricio has an extensive experience in the development of ecosystem studies, socio-environmental risk assessment, and international sustainability standards.

He’s been an exhibitor at different congresses and international forums, presenting work experiences on biodiversity in Chile and Argentina. Patricio has been an advisor for more than 30 mining and engineering companies in matters of environmental impact assessment and the designing of solutions to socio-environmental conflicts. Highlighting his support to diverse forestry companies in the designing of High Conservation Value Areas portfolios and their conservation plans. Patricio has also developed protocols for the relationship between forestry companies and indigenous communities. Likewise, he coordinated the design of Ecological Planning for the Metropolitan Regions of Santiago and Valparaíso from Chile for the Environment Ministry.  

Patricio has led projects, such as the implementation of the project “History of life of plants at Salar de Atacama” for the lithium company (2020 to date) that includes a nursery garden in the middle of the Salar for restoration purposes; he was also responsible for the design of a compensation plan for high Andean meadows for the “Josemaría mining project” in San Juan, Argentina (2020-2022). In addition, he has led the formulation of the Management Plan for high mountain protected areas for the Environment Ministry. Recently, he has added experiences of copper mines tailings revegetation in Central Chile.