Paul Spencer

Senior Ice Scientist

Dr. Spencer is an ice expert with 45 years of experience in the mechanics and physics of sea ice.
Calgary, Canada

Dr. Spencer is a senior ice scientist with over 45 years of experience in ice research, development, and applications. One specialty is in the mechanics and physics of sea ice and how ice interacts with offshore structures. This knowledge has been used in the Global design and stability of large Gravity Based Oil and Gas Structures. Also he has studied the use of ice as a construction material for ice roads and manufactured ice-islands.

Paul has extensive knowledge and background in ice road engineering and design, as well as ice road evaluation/assessment (ice load testing) and safety recommendations. His ice road experience involves floating and grounded ice road systems in Canada’s NWT, Yukon, and Alaska, USA. Additionally, he has worked on pioneering ice support design for through-the-ice pipelay.

Paul has co-authored industry standards and specifications. He has in excess of sixty five publications.