Peter Troffe

Senior Fisheries Scientist / Permitting Specialist

Peter is a Senior Fisheries Scientist/Permitting Specialist with over 25 years of applied experience. He has worked within the public and private sectors and has acted as the technical lead on several high-profile hydropower, marine terminal, mining, infrastructure, and water use projects, consulting experience, and polished presentation skills.
Vancouver, Canada
English / French (conversational)

Peter’s strengths are his practical approach, consulting experience, and polished presentation skills.

Peter is a Registered Professional Biologist and has a comprehensive understanding of freshwater and coastal ecosystem permitting processes and routinely operates across many lines of business.

Before joining Ausenco, Peter was a water use consultant for hydropower and mining clients, the Curator of Fishes at the Royal BC Museum, and a Research Biologist with DFO Canada. Peter continues to leverage his knowledge of fisheries and aquatic science to provide expert advice to several private and public utilities, governmental agencies, and development groups. He has conducted detailed investigations relating to fish habitat, offsetting design, and operational compliance including comprehensive long-term monitoring studies tied to Fisheries Act authorizations.

His current responsibilities include project permitting, liaising with regulatory agencies, study design, and authorship of comprehensive reports. In addition, he has an excellent working relationship with several First Nations, federal and provincial regulatory communities, polished presentation skills, and knowledge of engineering and permitting requirements for development projects in Canada.

Peter takes personal pride in drawing from his diverse experience to develop tangible solutions for his clients.