Richard Armstrong

Interim Director, Studies

Richard has nearly 30 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, managing many of our key client accounts and strengthening client Sustaining / Maintenance Capital Programs (SMCP).
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Calgary, Canada

Richard has worked in the Oil & Gas industry for nearly 30 years and is instrumental in maintaining strong and long-term relationships with our key clients. He also manages our Sustaining / Maintenance Capital Programs (SMCP). He provides oversite and strategies for the development of economically beneficial solutions for our clients by looking at the lifespan of an asset, and saving future costs though design optimization, “value added” engineering, and consideration of the long term operations and maintenance requirements.

Richard has led the front end and detailed engineering design on many projects including the design of oil and gas gathering systems, well site tie-ins, gas gathering and pipelines, and gas compression stations, pipeline corrosion repairs/replacements, hydrocyclone facilities, debottlenecking, custody transfer metering and bi-fuel power generation conversion projects.

As Director of Operations for Calgary, Richard manages the office, providing unified leadership and alignment of the Engineering and Project Delivery teams. Prior to leading the Calgary office, Richard has spent 8 years delivering key projects as the Director, Project Delivery.