Scott Weston

Vice President, Business Development and Strategy

Scott Weston is an experienced Professional Geoscientist with over 20 years of experience in geomorphic and landscape genesis interpretation, soil science, terrain stability analysis, natural hazard assessment, hydrology, and environmental impact assessment.
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Vancouver, Canada

As a business leader in environmental consulting, Scott has a broad understanding of the physical, biological, and social science disciplines, which form the foundation of clean energy, resource, and infrastructure development projects. Scott is experienced managing diverse teams to complete complex projects in a wide range of urban and remote settings.

Scott’s expertise is in multi-discipline environmental management in the resource and land development industries, personnel management, and business leadership. His diverse project portfolio includes highway expansion, wind energy development, municipal infrastructure expansion, rapid transit development, geohazard assessment, and mineral and aggregate development.

Scott has a unique combination of formal education and experience in business management and leadership, as well as in scientific disciplines such as geomorphology, hydrology, geology, and environmental management. As an analytical decision-maker, he leads multi-disciplinary teams in delivering projects on time and on budget.