Stephen Wong

Simulation Engineer, Vancouver

Stephen is a simulation consultant with 25 years of experience with complex simulation modelling and analysis for bulk material handling projects and marine terminals.
Vancouver, Canada

We designed the TLS (Transportation Logistics Simulator) software to be a user-friendly system that is capable of simulating complex models that off-the-shelf tools could not handle. Our simulation models are reinforced by our perpetually growing library of over 20 years of past project models.

Stephen is Simulation Engineer, Vancouver, for Ausenco’s Simulation Modeling Team. For 20 years, he was the senior programmer responsible for the maintenance and upgrades of Ausenco’s Transportation Logistics Simulator (TLS) software. His Master’s degree in Mathematics allowed him to understand the intricate processes required to program the TLS software.

Stephen’s extensive experience gained while programming and designing TLS led him to his current role in analytics, utilizing TLS to develop simulation models and perform studies for his clients’ assets. He primarily works on pit-to-port simulations and supply chains for iron ore and coal mining projects, additionally, working on simulations of LNG and crude oil transport/shipping systems for terminals across the world.

Stephen was recently involved on the Jansen Potash Study for BHP in Saskatchewan, Canada. His team provided a simulation model for the Grays Harbor Potash export terminal and rail transportation system to determine its practical capacity under various scenarios, including weather/wave conditions. He also worked on the simulation model for the Quebrada Blanca copper mine in Chile, aiding in the simulation of their entire supply chain. This supply chain required an intricate simulation that included: mine area including trucks and processing plant, concentrate transportation system, tailings transportation system, reclaim water system, make-up water system, and port area.

Stephen recently modelled Teck Resources’ entire North American coal supply chain in order to help inform decision making for the coal supply chain and understand value trade-offs.

Country experience:

  • Canada