Tim Edgell

Sustainability Practice Innovation Lead

Dr. Tim is a Sustainability Practice Innovation Lead with over 20 years of experience in Canada’s marine industries, including ecotourism, academia, and environmental consulting. His expertise includes marine systems, oceanography, biogeochemistry, benthic ecosystems, study design and the logical interpretation of data and statistics.
Victoria, BC
English, French

Delivering Ausenco’s promise to Find a Better Way demands a commitment to the discovery and adoption of innovative services and technologies for ourselves and our clients.

Tim is a Registered Professional Biologist (R.P.Bio.) and the Director of Marine Science working primarily in the Oil & Gas, Ports, Transportation and Mining sectors. He is committed to delivering high-quality and scientifically defensible baseline studies for federal and provincial regulatory approvals and permitting, preparing environmental impact statements, designing environmental effects monitoring and offsetting effectiveness studies, and engaging with regulators, First Nations, and other interested stakeholders on resource developments in Pacific, Arctic and Atlantic Canada.

Tim is also the Sustainability Practice Innovation Lead for Ausenco’s Global Consulting practices in North and South America. His team unifies Ausenco’s core services to clients: Sustainability, Transportation & Logistics, Asset Management & Optimization, Pipelines, and Industrial & Infrastructure Services. The Innovation Office provides a structured and corporately invested platform for the identifying, developing, and marketing of new services and technologies to address our clients’ biggest problems. Innovation underpins everything we do at Ausenco; it contributes to our brand and is a reason why forward-looking, inventive, and entrepreneurial people choose and are rewarded by careers at Ausenco.