Vicente Abarca

Construction Services Manager – Sustainability

Vicente is a Construction Services Manager – Sustainability with experience in many industries, focusing on Quality Assurance for the construction of tailings deposits, leaching pads and oxide leached dumps. He has adequate knowledge of the standards and methodologies applied to project studies by major mining companies and industries.
Spanish, English

Vicente has more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, with 15 years of specific experience applied in mining projects, with solid training in project control and constructability. His last experience has been in engineering studies for mining projects and management of quality assurance and control teams for the construction and development of oxide waste and tailings facility storage.

His extensive experience in the management and formation of work teams, both for the development of engineering projects and for the construction stages, together with technical knowledge and the management of methodology and standards, allow him to ensure that projects are executed with quality, deadline, and expected costs.

Vicente is a Mechanical Civil Engineer with a bachelor's in engineering sciences from the University of Chile.