Walter Rolando Curadelli

Senior Geotechnical Reviewer

Walter is a Senior Geotechnical Reviewer with over 15 years of experience in geotechnical, structures, water dams, tailings deposits and leaching pads.
Mendoza, Argentina
Spanish, English, Italian

Each geotechnical project is unique.

As a specialist in Geotechnical Engineering, Walter is responsible for the design of water dams and tailing dams, exploration field, planning of laboratory testing, rock mechanics, soil liquefaction, slope stability, and support of tunnels and shafts, bearing capacity, waterproofing systems and drains and soil thrusts.

Walter has participated as a geotechnical leader in several mining projects. In addition to his experience in the mining industry, Walter has extensive experience in large-scale hydroelectric projects, where he has developed as a consultant in seismic, structural, and geotechnical areas on some of the largest Argentinian hydroelectric projects.

Walter has a degree in Civil Engineering from the National University of Cuyo in Argentina and a PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Cantabria in Spain.