Reducing the impacts of climate change

Our experts can help you develop a strategy that meets market and investor expectations and complies with today's rapidly changing climate policy and legislation.

Our innovative engineering and environmental designs do more than just advance projects. They help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, enabling you to thrive in today's green economy. Our interdisciplinary teams work together to collect data, develop technically sound strategies and report on results, enabling you to share your progress on reducing emissions and meeting non-GHG air quality targets.

Every project is unique, but we have learned from experience how to design cost-effective and meaningful solutions built on best practices. We carefully assemble specialised multi-disciplinary teams of respected professionals with recognised expertise in environmental sciences, social sciences, engineering and sustainability. Our clients benefit from Hemmera's climate change expertise combined with Ausenco's value-added engineering solutions. Together we offer a full complement of climate change services and innovative ideas to help you manage your climate change challenges and opportunities. We can incorporate a variety of data and tools in our analysis, including Traditional Ecological Knowledge, leading risk management techniques, international standards and the latest climate change science and models.

Key climate change services:

  • Climate strategy and risk assessments
  • Greenhouse gas mitigation assessments
  • Climate change resilience assessments
  • Climate change adaptation planning
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy development and reporting
  • Policy review and planning
  • Sea level rise assessment and planning
  • Carbon offset management.