Our vision of sustainability

Our approach ensures the careful use of the world’s most precious resources, providing critical materials to supply chains in the most efficient way possible, while supporting sustainable growth and balanced development.

Environment - We are stewards of the natural environment focusing on emissions, reducing energy and water use, limiting waste, and improving materials management in all the work we do.

Social - We conduct our relationships with employees, contractors, clients, Indigenous people, and other stakeholders in the communities where we operate with integrity and respect.

Governance - We structure our work to ensure quality, transparency, shared values, and promote diversity and inclusion using sound internal corporate policies.

Our people and communities

People - We know that diverse and inclusive workplaces have more commitment from their employees, outperform their competitors, and are more sustainable.

Community - The Ausenco Foundation aims to make a positive and sustainable difference to the people in the communities in which we live and work.

First Nation - Companies create vibrant, inclusive, and resilient work environments when they embrace the pursuit of social, economic, and cultural equity.