In this interview, we speak with Everson Tedardi, Vice President of Ausenco Brazil about the company’s purpose, the current commodity super cycle, and how Ausenco adds value to mining projects.

What is Ausenco’s purpose, and how does it inform your work?

Our purpose at Ausenco is to “Find A Better Way”. This is at the heart of who we are and what we do– we continually challenge ourselves to find a better way to deliver the best solutions for our clients, to serve our communities and to empower our people.

For example, for our Minerals & Metals clients, ‘finding a better way’ means developing innovative, value-adding solutions for their mining projects. We examine the project from both an economic and engineering perspective to develop a solution which is fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and brings the best return on investment for our clients and their shareholders.

What is the current economic climate for commodities?

Currently we are in a commodity super cycle underpinned by the electrification of the world, and as the major economies recover and drive up demand for metals. We are finding that mining companies are increasingly interested in finding ways to increase current production and /or considering starting a new project encouraged by metal prices.

What are key challenges for mining projects?

One of the biggest challenges for most mining projects, is cost. At Ausenco, we focus on providing the best solutions for our clients’ projects and have a history of delivering cost-effective solutions. We focus on adding value and on the efficient use of capital. Our EPC/EPCM portfolio demonstrates our commitment to designing and delivering processing plants that are fit-for-purpose, operate efficiently and at full capacity, and have reduced footprints -thus lowering the amount of steel and concrete required and decreasing the impact on the environment.

What does delivering value to M&M clients look like for Ausenco?

For Ausenco, it means delivering a project that is cost-effective, on-time, and where the facilities once up and running, achieve performance in a short time frame and without requiring rework.

We have a large database of best-in-class systems and processes that we use to help us provide the most effective solutions for our clients. The database is not specific to one geographic area but includes information from our projects across the globe and from our international offices. This helps us pool our capability and knowledge from different projects and our international technical experts.

What are some recent projects you have been working on?

We have been working on several interesting copper projects in Chile where we are providing multi-disciplinary solutions to our clients. We have also been involved in some challenging projects in Peru and Colombia, in polymetallic and gold fields, and in difficult environmental conditions. We were able to find ways to reduce the Capex making the projects viable for our clients.

The Quebrada Blanca and Mina Justa projects in Chile and Peru respectively, are examples of how we delivered value and generated returns beyond what was initially planned, making the projects viable.

We #FindABetterWay.

Financial viability is fundamental to project success. Our clients are varied and range from mining companies to commodity-focused investment firms. Our reputation for delivering strong engineering and due diligence studies makes us a trusted partner for our clients.

During Exposibram - held virtually October 5 -7, we will present our recent work and demonstrate how we add value to our clients' projects, delivering results even in the most challenging environments.

Together, we #FindABetterWay.

Contact Everson Tedardi, VP, Ausenco Brazil if you have any questions.