The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) reported that, during 2017, the mining sector in Peru recorded a total investment of US $ 4,921 million. Ausenco, a global company that provides consulting, engineering, project delivery, asset management and construction services to the mining industry in the country, has witnessed the evolution of the industry in the last 10 years.

Gestión, one of the most recognized business newspapers specializing in economics, business and finance in Peru, conducted an interview with our team leaders at our Lima office. Niresh Deonarain and Don Hickson, Vice President of Peru and Vice President of Environment and Sustainability, respectively, explain the importance of providing a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for local mining companies.

What differentiates your company from the competition?

Niresh Deonarain (ND): Our commitment with our clients to provide tailored and innovative solutions in the different mining projects distinguishes us. Our clients have witnessed this repeatedly in our operations, such as the EPCM project in Constancia (in Cusco) and several other studies that we have developed over the years. In addition, we have a global team of experts who contribute a large amount of knowledge to each project. This comes from the experience of many years in the resources and energy sectors. We are also committed to having a positive impact on the world around us. Wherever we work, we strive to collaborate with clients and communities to achieve truly sustainable results in health, safety, environment and community.

Which clients are you targeting?

Don Hickson (DH): Essentially, we work with almost all the big mining and junior mining companies in Peru. Currently, we are involved in around 200 projects.

What are the main solutions that Ausenco currently offers?

ND: At Ausenco, we are committed to providing our minerals and metals clients with exceptional end-to-end services at all stages of a project to ensure that from ‘pit-to-port’ our clients’ project needs are not only met but exceeded. Whether for pre-feasibility and conceptual studies, project execution, start-up and commissioning, or operations and maintenance, we work by our client’s side at every stage to ensure that each of their project objectives are met, regardless of size, scope and complexity.

DH: My team, Ausenco’s environment & sustainability division, for example, focuses on water management, in addition to conducting studies linked to environmental and social issues. In this field, we focus on linking the needs of the client with those of the community where it operates. This diversity of services and experiences allows us to offer comprehensive solutions.

How the management of the different stages of a project can benefit a client?

ND: There is knowledge that is developed in the construction stage of a project and this can help to improve the design of other projects. But customers not only benefit from that knowledge, but from the field experience that our team develops. By being involved in the various stages of a project, we have an excellent understanding of the project and can identify risks and opportunities quickly and apply innovation and new solutions.

How developed is your business in Peru? How will you invest in the following years?

ND: Ausenco acquired Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI), Vector Engineering and Sandwell in 2008 in Peru, and in the process, we inherited the talent and expertise of these companies who had been in the country for years. Our first major mining project in Peru was the Constancia copper project (EPCM) in 2011. Since the successful completion of this project, we have worked on many more projects. We have provided services for companies such as Antamina, and Barrick, among others. Currently, we have more than 400 high-performance employees in the country. It is a team made up of Peruvians and global experts. In the coming years, we will focus on investing in talent development and innovative solution offerings to our clients.

How do you see the future of this operation?

DH: We have a very strong presence and operation in Peru – it is currently the second largest team we have globally and the largest in South America. We are very committed to the country and see positive growth - and demand for our services - ahead. We look forward to working with our clients to deliver superior stakeholder value.

If you would like to discuss how Ausenco may be able to provide additional value to your project / operation, please contact Niresh.