This year at Ausenco we celebrated Environment Week from 4-8 June, coinciding with the UN World Environment Day on 5 June and World Oceans Day on 8 June. In line with the UN, our 2018 theme was Beat Plastic Pollution (#Beatplasticpollution).

Throughout the week we challenged our people at every office and project site to participate in a variety of fun and educational activities; from trialling the removal of single-use plastics from our offices, to handing out reusable bags and coffee mugs, as well as a variety of clean-up and “lunch and learn” events. Ausenco’s people embraced the cause and played their parts individually and collectively to make a positive impact.

“It is fantastic to see the energy that the Ausenco people have when it comes to caring for and respecting the Environment,” said Neil Trembath, Chief People & Technology Officer. “We are now challenging everyone to make changes in their everyday lives that will make a long term positive difference to our communities and environment.”

Below are some images from Environment Week activities at just some of our locations.


Our Perth team jumping on board the clean-up activity along the banks of the Swan River.


“The Earth” educated and entertained the Lima team on the benefits of reducing waste and protecting the environment.


Our Chile team used their green thumbs to create a green area with their own hands.


Volunteer groups from the Mina Justa project collected plastic waste in the desert to help protect the ecosystem.


Colleagues from our Burlington office in Canada organzied a litter clean-up event at Bronte Provincial Park.

Kuala Lumpur

Our Business Process Improvement Manager, Mandeep Kaur, kicked off #ausencoenvironmentweek by collecting recyclable items!