Lima, November 17, 2023 - Ausenco, a global company with 20+ years of operations in Peru and an outstanding track record in developing and delivering major mining projects, actively participated in the 8th edition of the Tailings Congress Peru 2023 from November 16 to 17. The event brought together experts to share best practices for tailings management.

Claudio Román, Senior Geotechnical Engineer of Ausenco, stood out for his brilliant presentation on the "Consultant experience in implementing GISTM in the region." Román shared Ausenco’s experience implementing this global standard and how it can streamline management systems. "GISTM represents a milestone in the evolution of responsible mining practices and has made it possible to be here to discuss and reflect on how to manage tailings for different groups and levels of organizations,” said Román.

Claudio was also part of the panel discussion, "International guidelines and their application to the Peruvian reality," where he discussed the effectiveness and importance of adopting international guidelines in mining operations.

At the event, Ausenco had a booth where attendees participated in an interactive experience facilitated by Reinaldo Gonzalez, Geomatics and Virtualization Designer from Ausenco.

Booth participants experienced first-hand the benefits of virtualization technology in the development and operations of mining projects. "Project virtualization through interactive 3D models in augmented reality is a technological innovation tool that can address business challenges, improve performance and efficiencies in operations, and identify opportunities for improvement through a visual, interactive and intuitive presentation of highly complex projects, either in the preliminary design stage or in an existing one," said Gonzalez.

About Ausenco

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