Project Overview

The Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC (BGC), Canada owns and maintains a small craft marine facility which is an integral asset for the BGC’s Camp Potlatch children’s summer camp located along the west shore of Howe Sound directly across from Porteau Cove, BC. The pier is not only a focal point for the numerous water activities that go on daily at the camp, but also provides the only access for the transportation of campers, staff, equipment and supplies to the water access only facility.

Ausenco’s Involvement in the Project

Ausenco mobilized equipment and personnel in order to perform a detailed condition assessment including diving and timber coring of the marine facility pier, floats and access gangway. Once completed Ausenco provided engineering services to prepare engineering drawings, technical specifications and ongoing project management support for the repairs. In addition, we performed the Environmental Assessment to catalogue the species and environmental conditions at the site in addition to determining any adverse affects of the project and to set forth mitigation measures to minimize/eliminate any environmental impacts during construction. Timing of the construction will begin after Labour Day (September 3) 2018.

Charitable Contributions

The extent of Charitable Donations by Ausenco and its staff for the project consists of the following:

  • Ongoing project management, donor support, and design assistance personally donated by Tony Bleasdale, Ausenco’s Director of Maritime Asset Management
  • A donation of $2,500 made by Ausenco back to the camp after the initial inspection
  • Completion of the Design and Drafting Services at reduced rates
  • All Environmental Services at reduced rates and capped at $3,000