More than 400 companies, including experts and professionals from the mining industry, participated in the sixteenth edition of Expominas 2023, one of the biggest mining conferences in Ecuador, held from July 12 to 14 in Quito.

Sustainable mining was a big focus at the conference, along with an interesting program of keynote lectures, round tables and panel discussions such as "The copper industry in Ecuador." Ausenco presented a session on “Designing profitable and high value-add projects" by Daniel Diaz Del Olmo, Director of Minerals and Metals, Ausenco Peru.

The presentation outlined Ausenco's strategy to identify, develop and execute profitable business cases focusing on adopting new technologies to improve the metallurgical processes and adding value to projects.

As part of the conference, in collaboration with the Chamber of Mining of Ecuador, Ausenco organized an executive breakfast, "The present and future of mining: challenges and value generation." An opportunity to interact with clients in Ecuador and share knowledge and perspectives on trending mining topics like profitable project designs and sustainable mining.

The breakfast featured prominent speakers from the likes of Mr. Emmanuel Delaune, Director of Information and Transparency of Mining Activities for the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Ecuador, Mr. Jorge Barreno, external consultant for the development of mining projects in Ecuador and Daniel Diaz Del Olmo, Director of Minerals and Metals for Ausenco Peru.

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