Efficient asset management requires alignment between various areas within an organisation such as operations, maintenance, engineering, inventory, finance and security. Competing interests can make efficient asset management challenging, but the prizes are big. For example, we have been able to halve maintenance hours by optimising preventative maintenance plans for our clients.

This begs the question - how can organisations balance asset performance with costs, opportunities and risks?

The above-mentioned challenge is common to most asset-intensive organisations, and our clients are no different. Communication, coordinated action and standardized processes between business areas are fundamental for effective asset management.

Asset optimisation software – streamlining performance

Using a software with a database that stores consolidated information relating to processes and asset maintenance best practices, as well providing the capability to monitor maintenance plans and associated KPIs, offers a competitive advantage for optimising assets.

An excellent solution is Orien, an asset optimisation software developed by industry-leading experts designed to implement asset management best practices. Orien provides integrated solutions for the entire asset management chain, from maintenance strategies to OpEx generation, providing clients with greater visibility and control of their data.

Adding value with Orien

Orien includes an extensive knowledge library based on the RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) methodology, which stores more than 150,000 asset failure modes and maintenance activities accumulated from over 20 years of experience supporting clients in various industries around the world.

The software enables users to follow an assets' lifecycle and understand risk analysis and criticality modules in relation to the developed strategy. This capability allows users to define maintenance best practices, consider cost scenarios, safety, operational gain, and the company's reputation, among other factors.

Increasing mining productivity – the numbers

A global mining client operating in Brazil hired Ausenco to develop maintenance strategies for its assets. In one year, the client achieved a 51% reduction in HH (person-hours) by implementing the optimised preventive maintenance plans we designed for its truck fleet.

In addition, 67 % of the activities created for the maintenance strategies became condition-based monitoring, controlling the lifecycle of components and reducing downtime for preventive maintenance, resulting in a 1.2 % increase in the physical availability of equipment. The client also benefited from an increase in MTBF (mean time between failures) of 12.2 hours, reduced downtime by 1.7 %, resulting in a 9.8 % increase in overall productivity.

Orien was fundamental in achieving these results. Its comprehensive database of 150,000+ asset failure modes and maintenance tactics was the backbone of strategy development, process optimisation and maintenance activities for our client.

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