BC Ministry of Education seismic retrofit guidelines, 2020 edition liquefaction guidelines – geotechnical and structural considerations

By Paul Wilson (Thurber Engineering), Adam Silvester (Thurber Engineering), John Sherstobitoff (Ausenco), Ari Wibowo (Ausenco), and Sara Torabian (Ausenco)

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Liquefaction guidelines in the BC Ministry of Education's Seismic Retrofit Guidelines (2020 edition) provides geotechnical engineers with specific requirements regarding site investigations, analysis, and determination of liquefaction-induced soil deformations that are essential for performing seismic assessments. Additionally, the guidelines provide structural engineers with procedures to evaluate the building and its foundations, and offer various mitigation approaches if remediation is necessary. Close collaboration between geotechnical and structural engineers is essential to assess liquefaction demands and the influence on structural response, and to ensure retrofit design is carried out only if required.

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