In the midst of the current market disruption, it can seem challenging to lay a foundation for the future. In truth, however, now is the optimal time to revisit a mine’s operational strategy, minimise your operating costs and maximise efficiency. It’s also a good time to strategise and prepare for the upcycle we are likely to experience post-COVID-19, which will require rapid and sustained growth in production.

If you’re looking to build a sustainable short-term operating strategy with a long-term focus, here are some steps to consider:

  1. Reassess and redefine your mine plan to account for the immediate uncertainty we’re experiencing.
  2. If you plan to scale back operations (e.g., reduce production due to lower demand), consider switching off redundant equipment, including switching off entire grinding/flotation/leach circuit lines in parallel circuits.
  3. Seek to minimise operating costs by operating equipment more efficiently.
  4. Reschedule your maintenance plan while bringing forward the maintenance schedules of critical assets.
  5. For operations with limited site personnel due to travel restrictions, seek technical guidance from consultants or subject matter experts to help prioritise your strategic options, evaluate key activities and provide general operational guidance.

Growth during challenging times

Following previous global disruptions, the mining industry bounced back and met the demands of a growing economy. As an industry, we consistently find ways to innovate and uncover new methods to operate more efficiently.

Now is the time to prepare for the future. Let us help you.

Using remotely accessed data, we can leverage our practical site experience and innovative analytical methods to troubleshoot, remove bottlenecks and identify constraints in your plant and mining operations. Our optimisation services can help you #FindABetterWay today.