Evolving the climate change conversation

1 min read

Tackling climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions have become top priorities for organisations and citizens around the world. However, the climate change conversation has largely centred around mitigation, financial risk and meeting changing policies and legislation. As this topic continues to grow in importance, it is increasingly evident that there needs to be an evolution in mindset to focus on adaptation strategies and understanding big-picture impacts to climate change solutions.

Multiple climate hazards often occur simultaneously, and numerous climatic and non-climatic risks can intersect. This can result in the compounding of overall risks and the cascading of these risks across sectors and regions. For example, extreme rainfall and its interaction with mining components could affect infrastructure functionality, but at the same time trigger runoff of sediment and/or other components that impact streams, rivers, or lakes. This runoff can affect the socialecological system, resulting in legal or reputational implications.

This is why Ausenco thinks differently–our climate change experts are scientific and technical thought leaders that provide comprehensive, effective, and innovative responses that can harness synergies and reduce trade-offs between adaptation and mitigation to advance sustainable development. We collaborate with our clients to identify their specific climate change needs and help develop strategies and programs that take a comprehensive view of impact(s) to their operations.

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