Fit for purpose designs

By Janaina Rodrigues Vasconcellos

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Our cost-effective designs and solutions for the mining industry are built on the philosophy that the results must yield positive return on investments for clients, and that our designs are suited to the task at hand. We look to optimize the design which typically results in reduced footprint, steel, piping and concrete and a decreased impact on the environment.

When we approach a new project, we look at it first from an economic perspective, and then from an engineering perspective. This way we deliver the best cost-benefit outcomes for our client by delivering a fit-for-purpose solution. With strong communication and understanding of the project, we can design for future expansions or changes in ore body without capex increases that would compromise the project.

Reimagining the Serrote Project

Mineração Vale Verde's (MVV) Serrote greenfield copper-gold project is currently under construction in the Brazilian northeastern state of Alagoas. The project is the largest private investment in Alagoas Brazil at this time.

Ausenco reshaped the Serrote project as our experts from across the globe challenged the pre-conceived ideas about the project and how it should be designed and executed. Ausenco identified innovative solutions that delivered improved outcomes for our client.

Thinking outside the box

Rather than taking things at face value, our team reevaluated the process flow sheet to increase the copper concentrate grade and improve project return. Results from the metallurgical testing program for the new process route showed significant improvement in concentrate quality – from 25% copper to 45% copper which reduced concentrate logistics costs and improved project value.

In addition, we redesigned the processing plant which resulted in reducing the plant footprint by 30% as compared to the previous engineering company's design, and reduced concrete and steel by 20% and 40%, respectively. Reducing the plant footprint not only reduced the capital but also the operating costs when compared with the historical project concepts.

Our global technical experts proposed several innovative solutions that are new in their application within the Brazilian market. The revised process flow sheet included new flotation and fine grinding technologies that provides an improved product quality and energy efficiency designs.

Doing things differently, thinking outside the box, and proposing solutions that challenge the norm are at the core of our work. Let us help you #FindABetterWay.

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*photo courtesy of Mineração Vale Verde