Geomatics is a powerful set of sophisticated tools that provide big-picture views, small-scale plots and every view in between to help support projects across a range of industry sectors. And, thanks to rapidly advancing technology, this collection, analysis and interpretation of data relating to the earth’s surface and subsurface is more revealing than ever before. The “science of where” has moved from pencil drafts to field digital solutions and computer modelling that empowers fast and effective decision-making in even the most challenging natural environments.

What is Geomatics?

Geomatics is a comprehensive term for location analytics and covers a collection of methods to analyze and represent data using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. The GIS provides a framework to gather, manage, layer, and analyze data. The data can be either tabular, spatial, or temporal, and can be either 2D or 3D. The data can include remotely sensed data (e.g., satellite imagery, LiDAR, drone imagery, etc.), digitally captured spatial data (e.g., survey data, field measurements, etc.), and tabular data (e.g., Excel spreadsheets, etc.). The integration of all these data types in one environment allows for easier and faster analysis, providing a deeper understanding of the data as well as uncovering patterns and relationships that may not have been known. This provides many benefits, including smarter decision making, improved communication (e.g., visualization tools), cost savings, and better management, to name a few.

Geomatics in action

Geospatial data and GIS are used across many sectors such as - mining, energy, infrastructure, agriculture, fisheries and more. The applications and projects types are endless! Many of our clients rely on our geomatics team to assist with digital field data capture, data management, communication/visualization, development of decision-making tools and customized digital solutions for their projects. We have helped clients with environmental mapping, contamination modelling, sub-surface modelling, mine permitting, spill response, wildlife habitat modelling, visual impact modelling, and more.

Supporting decision-making at Springpole mine

Working with First Mining Gold, our team developed a geomatics digital experience portal for its Springpole gold-silver mining project in Ontario. The geomatics-based web mapping and communication portal supports stakeholders’ decision-making along various project stages up to closure, and includes environmental assessment information, traditional knowledge and land-use studies, the mine’s environmental and social impacts, the mitigation measures to reduce or enhance the identified impacts, and the mine’s closure plan. The fully customizable digital experience uses GIS and remote sensing data at its fullest by integrating multi-layer datasets, analytical tools, 3D models, and communication tools in a user-friendly environment.

Real-time site updates inform wind farm design

For TransAlta Corp.’s Windrise Wind Power Project in Canada, we created a web-based application and operational dashboard to provide real-time updates of environmental features including interactive maps, visuals and analytics of all environmental features. The web application allows the company to view project infrastructure, wildlife habitat, land cover, soils, terrain, wetlands and other environmental constraints influencing project design.

Managing risk along the line

An exciting project, is our ongoing work with Canada Pacific Railway (CP) to help support and manage its corporate risks and ensure safer railway crossings across the country - in particular, where there is an overgrowth of natural vegetation and opportunity to protect nearby fish and fish habitat. Our team has developed digital solutions at crossings in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia to help CP determine how it will comply with regulations, such as installing a crossing warning system, clearing and offsetting. Data is compiled and analyzed by the Geomatics team to produce Harmful Alteration, Disruption or Destruction (HADD) map-sets for field support, for the clearing contractors and consultation with Fisheries and Oceans Canada. We play a key role in managing the project's relational spatial data. The data is also used to create a comprehensive web mapping portal to support key decision-makers and to support the field team and their associated contractors.

What the future holds

As technology evolves and expands, so to will the capabilities of geomatics to help developers and clients across different industries support their visions and investments, making the "science of where" even more compelling and dynamic.

Why Ausenco?

We have a dedicated geomatics team with the capacity and versatility to support clients with a variety of services, including data management, digital solutions and remote sensing. Our progressive environmental services are used across the project lifecycle from site assessment and planning to production through to remediation. We work in all industry sectors and environments and employ the most advanced technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of geomatics solutions to our clients and their projects.

From initial conception to final delivery, our geomatics experts work efficiently, streamlined to simplify and solve complex challenges. Let us help you #FindABetterWay!