By employing cutting-edge technology, pipeline operators can enhance operations and improve safety and cost-efficiency.

Pipeline Advisor

Pipeline Advisor is a software tool developed by Ausenco that provides real-time monitoring information and leak detection to optimize the performance and safety of operations. The software has customizable features, allowing the user to configure the software with the specific characteristics of a pipeline, for example, fluid characteristics, pipeline design, roughness, product volume, etc. Based on this data, the software provides guidance to optimize the energy and cost efficiency to transport the slurry.

Pipeline Advisor also provides intuitive and comprehensive graphical displays, giving insight into complex system requirements. Features like slack flow monitoring and batch arrival alarms translate high-volume data from pipeline SCADA systems into actionable information. In addition, planning and reporting tools such as production history logging and incident logging help operations management.

Updated Pipeline Advisor™ software provides new insights

In 2020, our Pipeline Advisor software was updated to reflect the knowledge and expertise of our global experts who have supported mining and pipeline operations for decades. Increased functionalities were incorporated, such as adding equipment and instrumentation monitoring KPIs and their visualization via dashboards.

Our specialists provide Pipeline Advisor training to pipeline operators worldwide. Despite Covid-19, we successfully conducted numerous virtual training sessions. Furthermore, during the pandemic, remote monitoring of the pipeline via the software has been indispensable, as the software is accessible in home settings (i.e. remote working).

Our client Samarco – with iron ore operations at Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, has been using Pipeline Advisor for many years and is working now with the updated version. Samarco uses our software mainly for its pipeline integrity monitoring and leak detection. With the new set of tools available from the upgrade, they have observed better resolution and accuracy of the information at their operations.

For more information on how Pipeline Advisor™ can help you enhance pipeline safety, monitor and optimize operations, and improve energy and cost efficiency, contact

Pedro Oliveira, Pipeline AdvisorTM Development Leader.