At Ausenco, it is important that our staff have an overriding commitment to safety, at work and at home. Our frequent toolbox topics educate our people on how to change behaviours. This month’s toolbox focuses on “Switching on”.

According to safety psychologists, human beings are prone to switching off (particularly around very familiar tasks). The key for all employees is to recognise the need to stay ‘switched on’ at all times. Consequently it is equally important to recognise the need to help keep those around us ‘switched on’ to safety.

Here are some tips to maintain your switch on at all times :

  • Take note of the hazards that are highlighted in the inducti on and at your pre-start meetings
  • Take time to evaluate your share of the work as soon as you arrive on the site
  • Ask your supervisor to explain any phase of the job that you do not understand
  • Talk to colleagues about the work to be done, before, during and after and participate in Safe Act Observations. This will allow you to work safely with those around you and prevent accidents.

There are also a variety of plans, tools and equipment in place to help your switch not to go off :

  • Hazard and risk assessment booklet – at Ausenco, we call them Right to Start
  • Job Safety Environment Analysis (JSEA)
  • Required permits
  • Pre-start meetings and toolbox sessions
  • Immediate repairing and replacement of any defective tools
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Talk with others about safety and participate in Safe Act Observations
  • The Golden Rules of Safety

Staying switched on is a discipline of constantly assessing risk, communicating with your peers and applying controls to keep everyone safe.

Switch on - plan ahead – work safely