Layout considerations for ore sorting

By B. Foggiatto, J. Ross, T. Donkin, M. Guthrie, G. Lane & B. Patterson

1 min read


The interest in the use of sensor-based particle ore sorting has increased significantly with the recent advances in the sorting technologies and higher capacities per unit. This technology has the potential to provide great value in processing lower grade ores from the mine whilst delivering higher grades to the mill as well as in upgrading waste rock into ore.

Typically, the focus is on the amenability of the ore to ore-sorting and associated reductions in the consumption of energy, water and consumables. However, layout has a significant impact on the installed cost of a concentrator and the layout impacts from fitting an ore-sorting circuit into the concentrator plan need to be carefully considered.

This paper examines layout considerations that play an important role in ore sorting projects. These include additional crushing and screening requirement, transportation of the rejected material back to the waste stockpile (mine fleet requirements) and effects on concentrator footprints.

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