The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the mining industry on many levels. More than ever, it is critical that we maintain best practice to keep our people safe and healthy whilst ensuring operational continuity.

In a recent interview with AUSIMM Bulletin, Jo Mackenzie, General Manager of Operations and Maintenance at Ausenco, sat down to discuss the strategic and tactical changes to work practices at Capricorn Copper mine site in response to the pandemic. We have been managing the Operations and Maintenance of the mine’s concentrator and surface infrastructure since 2018.

Key solutions to maintain best practices include:

  • Implementing changes to pre-starts, messing arrangements, after work activities, and crew transport among other initiatives to ensure social distancing
  • Managing the FIFO workforce
  • Adopting remote site support
  • Implementing technologies to allow staff to work from home where appropriate
  • Increased agility and flexibility in response to new operational situations
  • Continued and augmented communication between client, offices and teams