Meet Ben Patterson

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Ben has over 15 years of experience in management, engineering, construction, maintenance and operations within the lead, zinc, gold, copper, coal, iron ore, aluminum and oil & gas sectors of Australia and Canada. His core skills include project management (EP, EPCM and EPC projects), planning, field engineering, materials handling design, construction management, cost estimating, pre-contracts, contract management and procurement.

Ben received his B.Eng. for Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Queensland and a Masters of Project Management from the University of Southern Queensland. As a result of his career path, Ben has developed the skills and knowledge to take a project through its entire lifecycle - from design and construction through to operations and maintenance.

Ben's roles have included: material handling design engineer (in the coal sector), reliability engineer and major maintenance project manager (in an alumina refinery) and construction engineer (in the resource industry working in operating mines, refineries, and material handling equipment for ship loaders). Ben joined Ausenco in 2012 in his current role as a Project Manager and has worked within the Ports & Terminals and Minerals & Metals sectors.

Ben's true passion is being challenged to develop solutions to unique problems and witnessing his designs being executed. His most memorable project was the Moose River Project in Nova Scotia, an EPC open-pit gold mine project where he was part of a team that delivered a cost effective, fit-for-purpose design for the client. Challenged with keeping the project costs as low as possible while still delivering a truly fit-for-purpose design, was an exercise he found invigorating.

For Ben, Ausenco's focus and ability to provide low cost, innovative solutions (from design to construction) for all our projects, sets us apart. He commends Ausenco's capacity to foster and develop experts in many fields as the reason for this success. He believes that a strong set of systems and a team with the right people and attitudes is the best means to deliver high value solutions to our clients.

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